Sustainability is at the heart of my brand. It’s super important and it impacts pretty much every decision I make for this little business! Let me tell you all about what i’m doing to make Leigh Elizabeth Studio as planet friendly as it can possibly be…

When you buy a Leigh Elizabeth Studio piece, I want you to genuinely love it with all of your heart and cherish it for the years to come. I’m gonna make sure that you’ll want to get way more than your 30 wears from your Leigh Elizabeth Studio accessories! When you buy an embellished piece from me, it will always be handmade to order which ensures that hardly waste is being generated in the making process. Here’s what happens when you place an order…

Let’s say, for example, you place an order with me for an embellished bag… Once I receive your order, I put in a request with my laser cutter in Birmingham (her name is Abbie, she’s lovely!) to cut your handles and panels for the bag. While Abbie is cutting away, I get to work on prepping and hand painting the faux leather panels for your lovely new bag, I sew up the lining and your cotton dust bag at this point too! Once Abbie sends the freshly cut, recycled acrylic pieces back to me, I hand sew on every single recycled sequin and assemble the panels together to create your gorgeous new bag. After that it’s sent directly from me to you with plastic free packaging and a handwritten thank you note, then it’s all yours to enjoy forever!

Whilst the bags and scarves are totally made to order, My jewellery is made by laser cutting the main body in super small batches, then I’ll hand finish your jewellery once you place your order – this method is great because it allows me to re-purpose any laser cut jewellery pieces which haven’t been used into something totally new. For example, an acrylic piece that’s been cut to make an earring can be reused as an embellishment, or redesigned into a new jewellery piece. 


Whilst plastic based materials feature within my collections, it’s important to remember that these pieces are intended to be with you for life, and not as an addition to throwaway culture.

The clear panels on my made to order embellished bags are made with completely recycled (and recyclable!) acrylic. This is great because it means that when I have the bag panels laser cut, the off-cuts – unless used to create something new-  can be popped straight in the recycling bin!

The faux leather panels on my bags are made from faux leather off-cuts which have been rescued from a print factory. By re-purposing these unwanted materials, i’m saving them from life in a landfill and giving them a new lease of life!

My earrings and the handles of my bags are not currently made of recycled acrylic as there’s not a wide range of colours available like this at the moment – but when there is, i’m not going to hesitate to use them in my collections! By cutting these pieces in small batches and re-ordering them only when I need them, this helps to cut down any waste that would otherwise be created on a larger production scale. 

The scarves in my collections are made of natural and dead stock fabrics, and although the sequins that I use are mostly made of plastic materials, I have recently transitioned into using sequins that are made of 20% recycled PET plastic in all of my embellished products. The recycled sequins I use are the most planet-friendly sequin product that’s currently available on the market, but as long as technology is adapting, so am I! I’m constantly looking for new ways to better this part of my process.


I’m always working with sustainability at the heart of my brand,  and what’s really exciting is that there’s new materials being created every day which are derived from natural and biodegradable sources – so I’m hoping to keep introducing these into my collections over the next couple of years to really help to play my part in making a difference towards creating a more sustainable fashion future.

In 2020 I aim to incorporate as much waste as possible from the production of my collections back into new products.

I’ve recently partnered with “One Tree Planted”, an amazing nonprofit organisation dedicated to global reforestation. Their mission is to reforest the planet, one tree at a time. They also raise awareness about the importance of trees, offer businesses like mine a unique sustainability solution, and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment!⁠ For every bag sold, Leigh Elizabeth Studio and One Tree Planted will plant a tree in various regions all over the world that need our help!

If you find any product of yours from Leigh Elizabeth to be breaking down, instead of throwing it away, please get in touch about a repair – these will always be free of charge and I’ll aim to do my best to fix it.

Wear it, love it, and wear it again.


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